Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order requirements for plain cans?

Our minimums vary per size and are restricted to a carton pack.

Below are the carton counts for a minimum order:
  - 202x214 (4oz) - 396 cans per carton
  - 211x304 (8oz) - 270 cans per carton
  - 307x400 (16oz) - 140 cans per carton
  - 404x414 (32oz) - 100 cans per carton

What is the minimum sheet order required for lithographic cans?

Our minimums for a lithograph cans are 1,000 sheets.

What is the lead time for plain cans?

Lead time for a plain can order is 3 - 5 days.

What is the lead time for lithograph cans?

Lead time for lithograph cans is 6 - 8 weeks after artwork is approved.