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How can I get Orca's samples or a quote?

Please Call 860-223-4180  or  email: for a quote or request for samples

What are the minimum order requirements for plain cans?

Our MOQ for plain cans is 1 carton for cans packed in cartons 

And 1 pallet for cans that are palletized. 

What is the minimum sheet order required for lithographic cans?

Minimum Order Quantities for litho cans:​

202 x 214 (4oz QP) = 55,000

211 x 304 (8oz HP) = 50,000

307 x 400 (16oz PT) = 32,000

404 x 414 (32oz PT) = 21,000

What is the lead time for plain cans?

Please call us at 860-223-4180 for current lead time 

What is the lead time for lithograph cans?

Lead time for litho cans is about 8-10 weeks upon approval of artwork

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