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Unitop Utility Cans
UC404414 - Quart, 404 x 414, 32oz, 946ml
UC307400 - Pint, 307 x 400, 16oz, 473ml
UC211315 -  10oz, 211x315
UC211304 - Half Pint, 211 x 304, 8oz, 236.5ml
UC202214 - Quarter Pint, 202 x 214, 4oz, 118.25ml

Used for Plumbing Adhesives for PVC,CPVC and ABS pipes and fittings; PVC Cement; CPVC Cement; Solvents; Rubber Cements and other Viscous Materials.


• Unitop One Piece Screw Neck End (no solder)
• Welded Side Seam
• Ability to Lithograph Body of Can
• All Unitop Utility Cans use One Size Screw Cap 1 ¾” International Thread 

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